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Programming Flash & ActionScript 3.0

Surf to any page on the Internet that contains any sort of animation, and almost certainly that animation will be a Flash animation! More and more desktop applications are built using Flash. And now Flash apps run on Android mobile phones and tablets!

Learn Flash & ActionScript programming

If you learn to progam in ActionScript, you will be able to leverage the maximum in interactivity. Your programs don’t have to run on the Internet. Build games and simulations that will keep the kids amused for ever. And just imagine what your friends will think when you tell them ‘I programmed it in ActionScript 3.0’ - Cool or what!

Flash Examples

Flash and Actionscript can now build Android apps

Now Flash doesn’t just run in a browser, or as a desktop Windows, Mac or Linux application. It now also runs on Android mobile phones and tablets! So if you learn to program competently in Actionscript 3.0, you will be able to write applications that run on any or all of these platforms - often without having to change a single line of code!

Install Apps (Android)

Let Program 2 Anything produce your Flash programs

With more than 35 years experience in software development, if you prefer, Program 2 Anything can develop Flash ActionScript solutions for your business. From website Flash banners, through to desktop AIR applications, or even applications to run on mobile phones!

Flash Examples